New Super Hacker Bros. by NsmB_PrO and ray

World 3

2012 – Finished W3-1. Finished W3-2. Finished W3-3. Finished W3-B. Started W3-B. Made Several Tilesets and Backgrounds. Made a lot of new Music. Edited the Overworld textures. Retexturing Mario/Luigi for Thunder-Flower. Some other things.

01.03.2013 – 29.03.2013 Fixed levels, rebuilt levels, updated Tilesets, reworked Tilesets

29.03.2013 – Rebuilt W4-3. Fixed W3-3. Started and finished W3-Tower.

30.03.2013 Finished W3-A. Worked on 3-C.

31.03.2013 – Finished 3-C.

01.04.2013 – Started and finished 3-Castle. Started 3-GH.


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