New Super Hacker Bros. by NsmB_PrO and ray

World 2

23.03.2011 – Finished the Forest-Tileset. Started and finished the Desert-Tileset. Started W2-1.

16.04.2011 – Started the Waterfalls-Project.

17.04.2011 – Finished W2-1. Worked on the Waterfalls.

18.04.2011 – Finished the Waterfalls.

20.04.2011 – Finished the Icy-Cave Wii Tileset. Started with W2-3.

22.04.2011 – Worked on W2-3.

23.04.2011 – Worked on W2-3.

24.04.2011 – Finished W2-3. Improved the Desert Wii Tileset.

28.05.2011 Started W2-A.

30.05.2011 – Worked on W2-A.

04.06.2011 – Worked on W2-A. Explored Worldfiles.

05.06.2011 – Tried to edit overworld Modell, without sucess (ROM crash)

07.06.2011 – Added a bunch of oasis tiles to the Desert Tileset. Worked on 2-4. Worked on W2-A.

08.06.2011 – Worked on the new added tiles in the Desert Tileset. Worked on W2-A.

11.06.2011 – Improved the Desert-Tileset. Worked on W2-4. Finished W2-A. Started W2-2.

12.06.2011 – Improved Jungle-Tileset. Finished W2-4.

23.06.2011 – Added Bonusrooms to W1-2. Started the Airship Music. Started the DireDireDocks Music.

25.06.2011 – Worked on and finished the Airship Music. Worked on and finished the DireDireDocks Music.

26.06.2011 – Started W2-6. Worked on the NSMBWii – Beta Tileset. Added Bonusrooms to W1-1, W1-Tower and W1-5.

2011 – Finished W2-6.

31.03.2013 – Fixed W2-6.


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