New Super Hacker Bros. by NsmB_PrO and ray

World 1

06.01.2011Added rain to the game.

08.01.2011Decided to start a hack togehter. Inserted puddles, Grassland Wii tilesets and rainy BG. Started with W1-1.

10.01.2011Started with W1-2. Worked on the Grassland tileset. Finished W1-1. Added underground Wii tileset.

13.01.2011Started with W1-Tower. Added Tower Wii tileset. Finished W1-2.

14.01.2011Added “GO BEHIND TILES”-effect. Started painting a shy guy and inserted it into the game. Worked on W1-Tower.

16.01.2011Finished W1-Tower. Debugged W1-1 and W1-2.

21.01.2011Animated Wii-Blocks finished (Had to edit the whole textures using the jyotyu-palette!)

22.01.2011Debugged the jyotyu palette. Started with the End-of-level-castle in the Wii style.

23.01.2011Started with the Mushroom tileset in the Wii-style.

24.01.2011 Inserted the Mushroom tileset into the game. Started with W1-3.

25.01.2011Fixed the Mushroom tileset bugs.

26.01.2011 Fixed the Mushroom tileset bugs. Improved the shy guy graphics. Added the Airship Tileset. Started with W1-Airship (W1-5)

27.01.2011Finished the Mushroom tileset. Worked on the shy guy graphics. Fixed the end-of-level-castle bug.

29.01.2011 Started W1-3.

30.01.2011 Worked on the shy guy graphics. Worked on W1-3. Worked on 1-Airship.

31.01.2011 – Started working on a new Tileset. Worked on W1-Airship. Finished a new Tileset.

02.02.2011 – Compressed the Mushroom Wii tileset.

03.02.2011 Worked on W1-Airship.

06.02.2011 – Compressed the Mushroom Wii tileset. Worked on W1-Airship.

08.02.2011 Finished Leaf’s with a silly bug. Worked on W1-Airship.

10.02.2011 – Worked on W1-3. Worked on W1-4.

11.02.2011 – Worked on W1-4.

12.02.2011 – Worked on W1-3.

13.02.2011 Improved Airship-Tileset.

17.02.2011 – Finished W1-3.

20.02.2011 – Worked on W1-4 and W1-Airship.

25.02.2011 – Worked on W1-4. Finished the Shy Guy Texture. Fixed a jyotyu-bug.

26.02.2011 – Finished W1-4. Fixed some bugs. Finished 1. Beta-Trailer.

28.02.2011 – Started with W1-A.

13.03.2011 Finished W1-Airship.

14.03.2011 – Worked on W1-A.

15.03.2011 Started and finished a new Tileset. Worked on W1-A

18.03.2001 – Improved the Underground-Tileset. Worked on W1-A

19.03.2011 – Improved the Underground-Tileset. Adapted W1-2 to the Tileset. Adapted W1-A to the Tileset.

20.03.2011 – Finished W1-A. Finished W1-Bossbattle-Tileset. Finished new W1-Bossbattle. Started with W1-Castle. Finished and improved W1-Castle Tileset.

21.03.2011Worked on W1-Castle. Started the Forest-Tileset.

24.03.2011 – Finished the desert Tileset. Started with the Pyramid Tileset.

26.04.2011 – Worked on W1-Castle. Got 3 new “GO BEHIND” 32×32 pixel tiles.

28.05.2011 Worked on W1-Castle and got new Music: Dire Dire Docks Theme from Super Mario 64

06.06.2011 – Edited Grasland Tileset.

08.06.2011 – Rebuilt W1-Castle.

11.06.2011 –  Finished W1-Castle.


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