New Super Hacker Bros. by NsmB_PrO and ray


NSHB is dead – But new hack already planned!

Bad news ahead:
We won’t continue this hack anymore. All happened because of a ROM-Corruption. Every level you enter will freeze, backgrounds are not shown correctly and if you jump into a enemy, the game will also freeze.  We tried to replace every Background and Tileset and enemy file with the orignial ones, but still we had crashes. So… we dont want to continue this PIECE OF SHIT!
But we already planned the next hack. Just wait for a MINCW Beta! (MINCW = Mario In Nyan Cats World)

Official NSHB Youtube-Channel!

Visit us here!

We will upload Soundtracks, Screenshot Packs and more!

Heavy Level Changes!

As you can rad from the Title, many levels get changed. After I (ray) finish my levels in World 3 + 4, I’ll completely rebuild most of the Levels in World 1 + 2. After playing those Levels, I noticed they are not designed well. If you could play our World 3 +4 Levels you would know what I mean. If Fr33ze will do the same is his Choice, but I’ll definatelly do.


Thanks for 2000 clicks!

We work hard on the hack at the moment. 😀

Nice Scenery in World 3

Underground…Dark Caves…
But Mario climbs the ladder! Up to the Overworld and enjoys a beautiful Scenery! Look yourself!


Mines in World 3

Probably you already saw the image of the week. We are making a “Mine-World” in W3, because we don’t like the Space. 😀
A completely new Overworld map is planne and we hope it will be amazing. 🙂


3-1: Lava-Mines. 🙂

Toad in Game [Progress]

Thats how Toad looks in Game at the moment!

We still hope for help with the 2 Models-in-one Thing 😉 Without it, we cant finish this nice Implementation.

Some nice stuff on the way!

Yeah, we had some great level-ideas in the last time and World 4 is nearly finished. After that we are going to start again with World 3. But we discovered many awesome things in the NSMB Rom. We are using never seen Sprites and do the best, to get an awesome Gameplay with the DS-Limitations. Also, a heavy project I’m working on (ray) is Toad. Yup, Toad as a playable person. We’re going to replace Luigi with Toad. But there are some things blocking the finish. If you know how Nintendo stores 2 Models in one, please tell us. You’ll get a Credit-Entry for helping with Toad! 🙂

Here some informations:

  • Bone-Structure: Yes
  • Model: Yes
  • Textures: Yes
  • Joints: Halfdone, I have to figure more out in 3DS max 6
  • Mushroom-Model + Small-Model in One: No

And last but not least a screenshot of the model:

World 4 Preview! A Bossfight!

Yep, we finished world 4 and here you go! A bossfight as preview for World 4!


We add NSMBWii BGs to NSHB

Yep, thats true. We will make some Screenshots, once we put all in. They look completely nice. 😀
I am also making a ghost forest and it is just AWESOME!